[Bell Historians] G&J bell - Birkenhead docks

Peter Kirby peter.c.kirby at btinternet.com
Thu Aug 25 13:45:49 BST 2022

Apologies if there has been discussion on this particular subject 

I recently came across a G&J bell at Birkenhead Docks (N 53° 23' 55" W 
003° 01' 8" OS Grid: SJ 32351 89558).  The inscription indicates it was 
cast in 1948 and the top has the inscription of The Gas Accumulator 
Company London.  Diameter is around 2’.  There is a solenoid type hammer 
(I doubt if this works) and the bell is mounted in a frame at ground 
level so easily accessible.

The only reference to the Gas Accumulator Company I can find is that 
they appear to have been based in Brentford, Middlesex, if this is the 
case, why is this bell in Birkenhead?

I have a couple of photographs but not sure if these can be included in 
postings to this list.

Can anyone on this group assist?

Peter Kirby
Halifax, West Yorkshire

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