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There is some information here


Looking at the spread of peals, 107 of the 109 on the bells were rung by 1953, with the other two being in 1969 and 1980. Something made them drop off dramatically, but I do not know what.

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A couple of months ago I was looking through some old annual reports for the hertford county association and I noticed that oxhey where first condemned in 1989 due to worn out fittings before being declared totally unringable in 1990 due to severe structural problems, whilst I can probably understand the reasoning for this I am curious to know weather this was a long term problem or one that had only appeared in the years prior to their condemnation. I would also be interested to know if anyone has any memories of ringing on them as I understand that most of the ropes dropped rather close the wall and the bells themselves where apparently anything but tuneful.


Oliver lee

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