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These bells are described in Church Bells of Gloucestershire as 'seven
largest bells maiden bells, treble with skirting', and the back 7 (Rudhall
1722) are marked as historically important, presumably because they are
maiden. I was looking at the nominal figures of these bells as part of a
project I am doing, and wonder whether in fact the back 7 have been tuned.


Arguments in favour of tuning are:

*	The back 7 nominal frequencies are correct to within 3.5 cents of a
temperament favoured by Taylors from the 1890s on
*	The bells hang in a frame which is probably Taylors 1891
*	The bell in this photograph
-the-church-clock-striking-out-the-passing-of-time/ may have a band of
tuning just below the clapper scar


Arguments against tuning are:

*	The treble is stretched by 35 cents (but perhaps wasn't tuned if it
had previously been skirted?)
*	The information in CBOG, arising from a visit on 20/8/1979 by Mary
Bliss and AJC (Tony Cox?).


I think the bells weren't tuned when worked on by Taylors in 1965, as the
tuning marks would have been relatively fresh in 1979.


Does anyone have any better knowledge of this?




Bill H


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