[Bell Historians] Tetbury, Gloucestershire

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Tue Feb 22 18:30:21 GMT 2022

I wondered whether the 'tuning marks' were too uneven / bumpy to to be 
machine tuning but I'm only aware of chip tuning etc. which tends to 
give a rough surface.

Could the mould be 'tuned' to give the final required bell shape - 
implies it was intentional & would be repeated by Rudhall?

Dove already lists the frame as G&J based on info from Chris P.

Bells News 1894 / 1898 etc has a G&J adverts (bottom left of first page 
of issues) which states Makers of Bells At  & lists Tetbury! I assume  
they are still by Rudhall & that G&J adverts were not accurate?



On 22/02/2022 18:16, bill at hibberts.co.uk wrote:
> Matthew Higby: I agree. The bell in the photo appears to be machine tuned.
> Chris Pickford: I’m not so sure the marks are from machine tuning.
> I am going to leave this to the experts! But what a con-incidence that 
> it’s the same year (1891) and founder.
> Cheers,
> Bill H
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