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Tue Feb 22 21:40:41 GMT 2022

"Appears to be machine tuned" is not in doubt - it's whether that's actually
what we're seeing that's in question. 


I contend that machine tuning has to be done somewhere with suitable
equipment. Lathe tuning of sorts was possible earlier
(Gloucester/Whitechapel, and Taylors from the 1870s), but soundbow only -
and only when bells were in the works.


In the case of Tetbury, I just don't see when such an operation could have
taken place from what we know of the history of the job - unless it's
original tuning (though we think that John Rudhall developed his first
tuning lathe around 1790). Early Rudhall bells tend to have very neat
scratch/chip tuning marks.


Chris Pickford

Kinver (UK)

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