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*It was followed by a letter from Arthur Fidler, RW 16 Jan 2004 p.53* -
and  an earlier letter from me in RW 2004, p 29 questioning one aspect of
the article: that Hastings stays are tapered on three sides. This conflicts
with Taylors' drawings for Hastings stays, which shows all four sides are
tapered, to ensure everything remains central. I never received an answer
to this question. It is possible this bit was confused with shaping the
part of the stay that fits in the headstock, which of course can be tapered
on three sides to aid removal and setting the stay central to the slide.
The part facing the small holes in Taylors headstocks should, of course,
never be tapered, otherwise the stay will not be upright (and Taylor stays
are stamped with this warning).
Chris Povey

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> NOT hyphenated – he’s in Crockford’s under Horne, Edward Hastings
> Thanks for drawing attention to the 2003 article (I had a note of it – but
> not in the place I looked in). It was followed by a letter from Arthur
> Fidler, RW 16 Jan 2004 p.53
> I agree completely with Chris Povey about Hastings stays – faultless and
> friction-free if properly set up. It used to annoy me that at one point E&S
> advertised specifically that they converted Hastings to normal stays and
> sliders – a definite failure to appreciate good engineering. That said, I
> do acknowledge that many steeplekeepers find them a real pain.
> Replacement stays of the correct dimensions are still easily obtained from
> the original suppliers in Loughborough, I believe! A little expensive, but
> easy to fit – so probably worth it.
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