[Bell Historians] St Mary the Virgin, Parham, Suffolk

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Ranald Clouston dated the two ancient bells at Parham at c.1350 - rather
than C13 - and I have some typescript notes written by Simon Cottrell (2001)
which make no mention of any suggestions by Paul Cattermole in the
footnotes. In Cottrell's notes, the date is given as c.1370. From Clouston's
notes I see that they have "normal" soundbows, and the mouldings would seem
to be of C14th type (with a 'hump' moulding between the wires above the

I visited with George Pipe and Simon Cottrell in 2001, but more to look at
the bellframe (on which I also have Chris Dalton's notes) than at the bells.

Of Paul Cattermole did visit, then his widow (Barbara) may well still have
his notes and any related correspondence

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