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Thanks Chris, that is very helpful. I have a video that was made with my father (Simon Cottrell) in which he says that Dr Paul Cattermole had dated the 2 bells as 13th century which ties in well with your assessment. I would love to see something in writing from Dr Cattermole to date it at 13th century if this documentation exists anywhere. Would you be able to forward my enquiry to his wife Barbara in case she has any documentation (if you think that is OK)? Best wishes, Jonathan (07926273870) 

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> On 15 Jan 2022, at 10:23, c.j.pickford at talk21.com wrote:
> Have unearthed a couple of photos from my visit in 2001 - one of the treble
> and the other of George Pipe looking at the frame.
> I notice that the bell has square-section or flat mouldings (those at the
> soundbow especially clear in this photo). Ranald noted these, although it's
> interesting that - despite such mouldings being thought of as indicative of
> earlier dates - he still dated the bells as c.1350. He does  not suggest the
> name of a founder.
> The attribution to "John de Lynn" on Dove probably came from Paul Cattermole
> (and after 2001). What Paul says about John de Lynn (mentioned in a document
> of 1299) and Thomas de Lynn (mentioned 1322 and 1344) is in his "Church
> Bells and Bell-Ringing: A Norfolk Profile" (1990 but since reissued) p.200.
> Of course, he may have discovered more about the early Lynn founders
> subsequently - and must have had reasons for linking the Parham bells with
> the others associated with John de Lynn (including one bearing the founder's
> name)
> Having reviewed all this, I'm inclined to accept the attribution to John de
> Lynn as entirely plausible - and to put the bells not too far either side of
> 1300, say 1290-1310. 
> Chris Pickford
> Kinver (UK)
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