[Bell Historians] Cities with many early rings

c.j.pickford at talk21.com c.j.pickford at talk21.com
Sat Jan 15 16:58:59 GMT 2022

Very hasty look at Cyril's list. Not many places to look at (i.e. with eight
plus rings) to beat Oxford

NORWICH was pretty rich in early fives (some lost altogether), but only one
six I think. Worth a look in Paul Cattermole's book

BRISTOL looks disappointing - not much at all (but perhaps stuff to discover
from parish records, as several seem to be "not known before the 17xx eight"

Probably some spadework to do to establish the real position regarding
Bristol (I've looked at a lot of the C18 records, but not the C17th). Paul's
book will probably resolve Norwich

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