[Bell Historians] 17th century numbers in bell tower

Richard Johnston johnstonrh at rhj.org.uk
Wed Jan 26 16:42:36 GMT 2022

> Yes, I think the musical interpretation is possibly more plausible.From my
> point of view this still suggests there were 4 bells in 1641.
> FYI, the 4 old bells that survived in the tower are Db C Bb Ab.But, only
> the treble and 3rd were cast before 1641.After hearing the 'music', I
> think the '1' as treble was more pleasing.
> If anyone is interested in the seeing a picture then I can share
> one.Tony

I agree that either way up is possible. is also called 
Common Metre, and there were many such tunes in the C16 C17 for the 
singing of metrical versions of Psalms.


might be a starting point towards identification.

Richard Johnston

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