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That was the approach John Baldwin and I used to take with online Dove.
Also that all the notes in the ring are shown relative to the key note of
the ring even if individual bells are out of tune or the ring is


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Agree with both Richards. It would make sense to me if all rings were
described in keys with the fewest sharps/flats.  


Michael Wilby

On Sun, 15 May 2022, 09:35 Richard Smith, <richard at ex-parrot.com> wrote:

Nigel Taylor wrote:

> When Online Dove moved to apply standard pitch (A=440) to note names, this
> resulted in some keynotes being changed. Ben Kipling and myself agreed
> the note name should reflect the pitch standard, so sharp of F#
> international is Gb, and on pitch or flat of pitch is F#.

This policy makes sense for single bells, but I agree with 
Richard that it's daft for rings.  It's not being applied 
properly, anyway.  Why aren't York Minister, Exeter 
Cathedral and Southwark Cathedral listed as A#?  Is it 
perhaps because they wouldn't put up with this nonsense?


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