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Thank you Nigel laying out the facts. When I cautiously mentioned A440 and
temprement in the hope of raising awareness that it is a far more complex
subject than was apparent from the conversation at that point. Being on a
Greek island without access to records I  didn't want to indulge in facts
so thank you again Nigel!
Nigel makes another important point that perhaps the tuner should be left
to identify the results of his labours?

On Thu, 19 May 2022, 09:21 Nigel Taylor, <nigelsdtaylor at outlook.com> wrote:

> This only came about because a tuner dared to describe a ring as A#!
> I have recorded various people singing scales and found they sing in no
> particular temperament, with variationsfrom ET by up to 20 cents.
> Blackbirds however, sing JI!
> As far as the general public are concerned, there has been some progress
> with understanding the concept of bellringing. I no longer hear the
> Quasimodo jokes or asked if I go up in the air when ringing, if I mention
> bellringing to non-ringers. However, I think ringing needs far more
> publicity in order to attract recruits, if it is to have a future beyond a
> few ringing centres.
> Nigel Taylor
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> Surely the first thing is to define who this is aimed at?  If it is a
> guide for the general ringing public, there is no need for a huge degree of
> precision and a decision on temperaments, etc.
> If this is the case, every one of them is likely to understand Equal
> Temperament to some degree, even if they have not heard of the term.  The
> vast majority of people who were to be asked to sing a scale would sing an
> E.T. Major scale, or at least attempt to!
> Mike
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