[Bell Historians] St Mary's, Illingworth

Scott Allan Orr orr.scott at gmail.com
Tue Aug 1 09:24:12 BST 2023

Dear colleagues and friends,
The Carillon Society of Britain and Ireland has received the enquiry below.
We are not familiar with this tower nor it housing a carillon of such a
number of bells. Does anyone have any light to shed? I will collate any
replies for our enquirer and reply directly.

All my best,

Back around 1965 I was head choir boy at the church and was asked to ring
the bells for a couple of weddings.

I'm struggling now to find any articles or news about the church or its 24
bell carillon. I understand that hte [sic] church was broken into and organ
pipes stolen, but that's as much as I know.

Are you able to provide any links or other info that might help please?


Steven Bond
formally of Cousin Lane, Illingworth.

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