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Illingworth St Mary had a chime of 8 bells, 10-2-0 in Ab. They were removed in 1979. The back four are now the back four of the ring at St Martin le Grand, York and the front four the back four at Clifton, York.

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Dear colleagues and friends,
The Carillon Society of Britain and Ireland has received the enquiry below. We are not familiar with this tower nor it housing a carillon of such a number of bells. Does anyone have any light to shed? I will collate any replies for our enquirer and reply directly.

All my best,
Back around 1965 I was head choir boy at the church and was asked to ring the bells for a couple of weddings.

I'm struggling now to find any articles or news about the church or its 24 bell carillon. I understand that hte [sic] church was broken into and organ pipes stolen, but that's as much as I know.

Are you able to provide any links or other info that might help please?


Steven Bond
formally of Cousin Lane, Illingworth.

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