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I made business visits to Pune many times and first visited the tower in November 2002 (photos attached). The fittings were more or less intact and the ropes for clocking were still attached but there was no evidence of any Ellacombe equipment. Rather a long rope draft though!






Steve Stanford

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I had a look at these bells in 1974 and have no recollection of seeing Ellacombe equipment.  They were being clocked (which concerned me a bit, because of the risk of cracking them).  It was stated that at one time, before independence, they had been rung by soldiers from the nearby army base but whether this was ringing as we know it seems doubtful.


Peter Rivet


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The three photographs I have of the bells in the frame when in the Loughborough Bell Foundry in 1893 do not show any  Ellacombe hammers. The images showing the bells being 'clocked' supports this observation. 


Neil Skelton 

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A news article about chiming the octave at the Church of the Holy Name has a photo of the bells. 


One wonders whether there was ever an Ellacombe stand. 


An archived version of a former Website has more photos: 

    https://web.archive.org/web/20170426083510/http://www.thechurchoftheholyname.com/ <https://web.archive.org/web/20170426083510/http:/www.thechurchoftheholyname.com/>  


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