[Bell Historians] Saltburn - Henry Pease

Ted Steele bells at tedsteele.plus.com
Thu Aug 24 10:53:44 BST 2023

I have been sent a 'photo of a statue in Saltburn by the Sea of Henry 
Pease, who founded the town. The statue is described as being made of 
scrap metal and representing Pease's industrial interests. It includes a 
flat bell shape with an inscription that lists these as the Stockton & 
Darlington railway, ironstone mines, water companies and brickworks but 
with no clue to the relevance of the bell. Does anyone have any idea of 
what it could relate to? I wondered if he might have owned a foundry and 
thus cast a few bells but can find no evidence of that. Perhaps he 
donated bells, but the parish church tower was not erected until after 
his death. Possibly the link is as simple as the bell sometimes found in 
industrial buildings. Any ideas?  The statue can be seen here: 
I think the bell looks quite out of place in the statue, but perhaps 
that increases the likelihood that it has some particular significance.


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