[Bell Historians] Saltburn - Henry Pease

Ken Webb ken44webb at gmail.com
Thu Aug 24 11:05:11 BST 2023

On 24/08/2023 10:53, Ted Steele wrote:
> I have been sent a 'photo of a statue in Saltburn by the Sea of Henry 
> Pease, who founded the town. The statue is described as being made of 
> scrap metal and representing Pease's industrial interests. 

> It includes a flat bell shape with an inscription that lists these as 
> the Stockton & Darlington railway, ironstone mines, water companies 
> and brickworks but with no clue to the relevance of the bell. 

> Does anyone have any idea of what it could relate to? 

> Ted 

I suggest you email the artist:



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