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bill at hibberts.co.uk bill at hibberts.co.uk
Sat Jul 22 18:37:56 BST 2023

Could someone who has access to printed copies of the Ringing World check
some pages for me? I need the first and last page numbers for four editions
in 1976. (Of course the first page of each edition is not numbered, it is
one less than the number of the second page). It is possible that the pages
in the editions in question are mis-numbered, i.e. are not consecutive
between editions.


My guess as to the correct first and last pages is as follows:

3400 June 25, 1976 pages 533-548

3401 July 2, 1976 pages 549-572

3402 July 9, 1976 pages 573-588

3403 July 16, 1976 pages 589-612




Bill H





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