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| 1976 |   Vol. XLIV | 18 February 1949 | 77 | 88 | 
| 1977  |  Vol. XLIV | 25 February 1949 | 77 | 88 | 

These two 12 page issues both had the same page numbering.
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I have been provided with further clarification and I now understand what are the correct pages for each edition. I had assumed that the pages in the bellboard PDFs were a scanning error, I now realise the error is in the printed copies, to which respondents were referring. Sorry for the misunderstanding.




Bill H


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Thanks to all who replied to this. Unfortunately I infer from the replies that they were based on the copies on bellboard (or maybe the CCCBR CD), not actual printed copies. The data in bellboard is wrong and we need to fix it, hence the question. I will call the RW office tomorrow and ask them to check their bound copies.


But thanks to all for trying to help.


Bill H

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