[r-t] Most musical extents

Philip Earis Earisp at rsc.org
Wed Aug 18 09:03:16 UTC 2004

MBD: "I'm presuming the extent is going to contain lots of wraps of
reverse rounds, Queens, etc. So yes, much more musical than your normal

Comparing the music in extents of minor is something that interests me.
Richard Smith did some calculations on wraps from handstroke to
backstroke for the standard extent for different treble-dodging and
plain minor methods, and some of the results are summarised on my
website (http://ringing.8bit.co.uk/music.html). Treble-dodging methods
tend to 'score' higher than plain methods, and extents rung out of
course also give higher scores than normal extents. 

Glenn Taylor:
"Does one have to ring EXACTLY an extent to be able to name it, or is it
sufficient that an extent exists (even though one might subsequently
for convenience, to ring "the extent" within a 1440)?"

I think questions like this should possibly be answered by looking at
the CC Decisions (http://www.methods.clara.net/ccdecs.htm) rather than
emailing this list.

It is not the case that an extent has to exist for a method to be named.
Methods such as Double Cambridge Cyclic Bob Minor (-4-6-5-3-6-2=134562),
Writtle TB Minor (34-34.16-12- le16), and um, Cambridge
major etc. have no possible extents. 


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