[r-t] Most musical extents

James Hustler james.hustler2 at 1stquote.co.uk
Wed Aug 18 11:16:16 UTC 2004

> I think questions like this should possibly be answered by looking at
> the CC Decisions (http://www.methods.clara.net/ccdecs.htm) rather than
> emailing this list.
> It is not the case that an extent has to exist for a method to be named.
> Methods such as Double Cambridge Cyclic Bob Minor (-4-6-5-3-6-2=134562),
> Writtle TB Minor (34-34.16-12- le16), and um, Cambridge
> major etc. have no possible extents. 

As Tony Smith correctly pointed out Writtle TB is not properly named 
since we only rang a 1440 for evensong! An extent is not possible and as 
far as I'm aware it has not been rung in a multi-method peal! 
Technically it could therefore be renamed by the first band to do so!

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