[r-t] Little Bell Music

Don Morrison dfm at mv.com
Thu Aug 19 17:21:58 UTC 2004

rchat <rchat at allton.org.uk> wrote on 19 August 2004:
 > Can I enquire as to what various people count as little bell music? I
 > currently count forward and backward runs of 2345, 3456 and 4567. However,
 > others also count runs of 1234.

For what little it's worth, these days I personally include 1234s and
4321s, too.

 > Conversely, a composition of Yorkshire that has 2345s at the back
 > will have the same number for any other method with the same
 > upwork.

A property shared also by 1234s. It's only 4321s that depend upon the
work below the treble.

 > I doubt the validity of including 1234s and 4321s because usually
 > there are significantly less than any of the other groups.

Seems an odd criterion for deciding what to include. I'd think it more 
important to base it on one's (necessarily subjective) view of what is 
attractive, or what seems to bring smiles to the ringers' faces.

 > Incidentally, everyone knows what M W and H means,

Only at even stages, with normal 4th place calls. There seems
considerable disagreement of M and W at odd stages. And some also
sometimes when funny singles or other calls are used.

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