[r-t] Re: Method Letters

Robin Woolley robin at robinw.org.uk
Thu Dec 23 01:34:10 UTC 2004

Some time ago, Richard Smith & I were discussing letters used for method

The doubles collection prior to 1980 was dated 1961. I never owned a copy
but, I think, it only contained methods in groups 'A' - 'F', but I could
equally well be wrong as I haven't seen such a copy since about 1975.

I forgot to say that, given the way ringing was in those days, the practical
limit was eight bells and so we had a series:

'A' - 'F' - Doubles
'G' - 'O' - Minor
'P', 'Q' - Triples - this still being used for triples today.

Since there aren't sufficient letters left, Major had to revert to 'A' and,
to a first approximation, anything higher than eight was a bit of an
irrelevance to worry about group letters for such stages which is why we
have C1, C2,... today.


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