[r-t] Re: Extension - of a sort

Robin Woolley robin at robinw.org.uk
Thu Dec 23 02:05:56 UTC 2004

Eddie Martin says:

"Some have said that Grandsire is Plain Bob with two hunt bells. Bull

This is another of those things which has its origins in the mist of time.
(Unless he was saying that Grandsire is not an easy method - in which case
I'd agree.)

I remember the local tower captain and CC rep. returning from the meeting
one year, 'twixt '85 and '92 saying that it amused the Council to hear that,
as (G)B3 used to say: "Grandsire, Double Grandsire, ... are the twin-hunt
extensions of Plain Bob, Double Bob, ... respectively to the next higher
stage, although strictly Plain Bob at odd stages (Grandsire at even stages)
is a different method from Plain Bob at even stages (Grandsire at odd

While this is intuitive nonsense - look at the direction of the dodging -
the weight of the evidence says it is quite correct.

Look at pabs' 11-spliced Triples. All these had been pealed by 1935 and are
double hunt extensions of the minor methods. The first, apart from
Grandsire, was Single Oxford in 1788.

Returning again to Eddie's comment. There are a lot of people who say 'I
like Grandsire' but then proceed to ring it very badly. (Those who know me
will know that I cannot possibly be one of them). They probably make the
mistake of saying its "ONLY Plain Bob with two hunt bells". The 'only' makes
a world of difference.

PS Back to pabs on Great Barr - the use of the word 'applause' in his quote
reminds me that this was written by Cyril Wratten, now sadly deceased. His
style was always pithy.

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