[r-t] All the work minor

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Wed Dec 1 22:04:37 UTC 2004

> You can't ring a 6ths place version of a group a method or a
> 2nds place version of a group m, can you?

I'm not entirely sure why not, Graham. Is a one-lead method not a method? If
not, why not?

The only strong argument I can see is that the term "method" implies some
kind of internal structure (the course) which a single-lead method would not
have (meaning, for instance, it would be hard to classify such methods per
se). But if we accept that, then we must accept a corresponding breakage of
symmetry: some methods have 2nd's and nth's place versions, some don't. I'm
not sure, but I imagine when you are considering multi-spliced this is not
an asymmetry you really want to be bothered with. It is certainly not
important to the Grid view.

Turning (if we must) to the current Methods Committee Decisions, the wording
at first glance may seem to exclude one-lead methods, and I know from my
correspondence with him over the Toyota Axioms that it was the intention of
Tony Smith to exclude such methods. However the current drafting of the
Decisions is quite lax in this area, and open to interpretation. Reading the
current wording, we could interpret one-lead methods as having neither hunt
nor working bells, and hence allowable since there are not fewer working
bells than hunt bells.

Someone should try a test case really...


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