[r-t] Decisions decisions

Graham John graham at changeringing.co.uk
Thu Dec 2 21:27:30 UTC 2004

MBD wrote:

> ...I have observed we have a lot of spouting off on this list about
> how crap the MC is and how the Decisions are a load of rubbish...

Yes, we do spend time unpicking the CC decisions, but I disagree entirely
with Mark's statement. The MC, far from being crap is made up of extremely
knowledgeable and competent individuals, and the decisions are not a load of
rubbish. The MC feel may at times that they are being criticised, but my
intention (and I hope that this also applies to everyone else) is far from

Method ringing has evolved over several hundred years, so it is hardly
surprising that inconsistencies in logic have accumulated in both naming
conventions and the decisions made by successive Councils. Ringing Theory
provides a useful forum to highlight and debate these inconsistencies. 

I believe that the decisions and naming conventions themselves are
strengthened just by acknowledging and documenting the exceptions, since
then people will not assume that the exceptions are the rule. I hope that
the MC will consider the merits of any suggestions made on r-t, with a view
to making further improvements both to the CC decisions and the extent of
information provided on MC web pages. 


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