[r-t] Stedman triples

Richard Grimmett richard at grimmett.org
Mon Dec 6 08:18:14 UTC 2004

> I really enjoyed the article in this week's RW about Stedman 
> triples.  I 
> hope the weekend's Eisteddfod was sucessful, as I'm sure it 
> will have been. 
> I was sorry not to have been there. Perhaps Clarrie can 
> inform us what 
> method 'won' the Eistedfodd, and what else was presented?

We rang 8 out of 12 peals - Stedman Triples is always high risk.  The
ASCY produced the best rinbging of the Eisteddfod with a touch of quick
six triples.  Their band was presented with medals, produced for the
occasion.  Other bands rang original ( 2 or 3 I think), spliced titanic
and stedman, and towcester triples.  There may have been more than that
but I was a bit the worse for wear by late afternoon.

> Contrary to what some people think, I believe Stedman triples 
> is a decent 
> method.  It's just on higher numbers that Stedman is a bland 
> disappointment. 
> Anyway, I've three comments/challenges for Stedman triples 
> composers...

Looking at them now.


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