[r-t] 23-spliced

Philip Saddleton pabs at cantab.net
Thu Dec 23 22:11:24 UTC 2004

Graham John said  on 23/12/2004 21:05:

>I have a plan for atw 24-Spliced based on Humphrey's courses with no more
>than three consecutive leads of each method. You can have two seconds place
>leadhead groups, say 12 b methods & 12 f methods. Fitting diverse methods to
>the plan seems surprisingly difficult though. 
I tried this about 20 years ago, selecting methods at random with the 
required lead heads, but never got beyond about 12 mutually true 
methods. When I last spoke to Roddy Horton he was also investigating 
similar ideas.

With a seven-part you can quite quickly find a set of methods that fit a 
given composition (especially using SCAMP). The problem with more 
general arrangements is that there are many more distinct relationships 
between the lead-heads of a pair of methods, hence possibilities for 
cross-falseness that have to be avoided. Colin Wyld's 24 works because 
the methods were carefully chosen.


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