[r-t] twin hunt triples methods

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Thu Dec 30 19:08:14 UTC 2004

Edward W Martin wrote:

> I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage: I do not know how to access"C502
> p13", nor yet what is meant by pure double hunt triples methods.unless you
> refer to those within the LH group  253746; 275634;267453;246375

To get the 11 methods Robin is referring to, you have to
require regular lead heads -- i.e. leads heads from the four
that you list.  If you ignore this requirement, you will end
up with 24 methods which are presumably those listed in the
RW article you quote.

> > Eddie talks about 'Aldington' and 'London New', 'irregular' methods which
> > certainly do not appear in pabs peal. In fact, 'London New' does not
> > appear
> > at all - is this the same as 'London Delight' in the collection?
> No.  (What's irregular about them?)

They are irregular in the sense of not having "regular"
(i.e. Grandsire) lead ends.

> In the above mentioned list by Frank
> Blagrove ( who gave assurasnce to readers of the RW  that this collection of
> 24 had been agreed upon by the Central Council to be included in their new
> Collection of Triples Methods), London Delight is his No 15 with PN:

I think it's a shame that you only ever see right-place
twin-hunt methods being rung (or equivalently, those with
just triple changes).  No-one ever seems interested in the
more varied Bala or Ennerdale overworks that you can also


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