[r-t] Phobos

David Pipe dpipe at friedmancorp.co.uk
Tue Nov 2 15:47:33 UTC 2004

> Can anyone provide me with a comp for an easy qtr of Phobos
> that a simpleton like I could call ?

> Better still anyone got a good one that I can ask an expert like 
> Phil Earis to call for me :-)

This is simpler to ring than it looks, Phil, plus you get all the musical
leads. We rang it at the Bull Ring in August with a few firsts in the band.
Finding the half-lead dodge in Gainsborough was people's biggest problem!
Not sure I'd trust Earis to call it though ;-)

1364 Spliced Maximus

1234567890ET Slinky (2nds place lead end)
1534T20E8967 Phobos (2nds place lead end)
14523ET90786 Gainsborough Little  
1796E8204T53 Phobos (2nds place lead end)

11 part

Slinky Differential Little TP: -4-
Gainsborough Little Bob: -1-1-6

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