[r-t] RE: Exceptions to the Extension Rules

Philip Saddleton pabs at cantab.net
Sun Nov 7 15:17:44 UTC 2004

Graham John <graham at changeringing.co.uk> wrote at 12:10:40 on Sun, 7 Nov 
>Group 1. Valid extensions with different names

[Of course these are not always anomalies - if there is more than one 
extension path then only one can have the same name, or you could add
Yorkshire S Major, Albaninan S Royal, Southwark S Maximus.]

Reverse Canterbury Place Minimus, Antelope Place Doubles, Single 
Cumberland Place Minor
Canterbury Place Minimus, Reverse Antelope Place Doubles
St Nicholas Bob Minimus, Spondon Bob Doubles
Reverse St Nicholas Bob Minimus, Breaston Bob Doubles

Single Court Bob Minor, Single Norwich Court Bob Major
Double Court Bob Minor, Double Norwich Court Bob Major
[This is a bit complicated - until the latest changes these were the 
only possible extensions, but now extension by four stages to Double 
Norwich Court Bob Royal would be permitted]

London Bob Minor, Pershore Bob Major or Maidstone Bob Major
[But now there is an unnamed extension to Royal]

>Group 2. Invalid extensions with the same name
>- Anglia Alliance Royal vs Maximus?
This is ok.

Double Norwich Court Bob Major vs Royal upwards
St Nicholas Bob Minimus vs Doubles
Reverse St Nicholas Bob Minimus vs Doubles
Erin Minimus vs Doubles
Reverse Erin Minimus vs Doubles
Beverley S Minor vs Major
Ipswich S Minor vs Major
Harleston S Major vs Maximus


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