[r-t] Jump methods

Ben Willetts ben at benjw.org.uk
Mon Nov 8 17:52:47 UTC 2004

> It's recently occured to me that I don't know
> a way to notate methods with jump changes

Currently the only jump change methods that have been rung have had only one
bell jumping at a time.  These could be notated with arrows.  For instance,
the change from 123456 to 234561 could be notated 1->6.  All the bells that
the jumping bell passes over have to move one place in the other direction.

If the jumping bell only moves a few places, it is possible for the bells
not jumped over to make a place or swap in pairs as usual.  Standard
notation could be used for this and combined with the jump notation very
easily.  The change 123456 to 231465 could be notated 1->34 [ie 1 jumps to
3, place made in 4ths] and 123456 to 231546 could be notated 1->36 [ie 1
jumps to 3, place made in 6ths].

On higher numbers, 1234567890ET to 1324675980TE would be notated 145->70 [ie
places made in lead and 4ths, 5 jumps to 7, place made in 10ths].  And so


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