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> > Carter's on all odd numbers from 5 on up is :
> >  3 N 1 3 5 3 5 3 1 N 3 1
> How can that possibly be right, Eddie? You've extended some of the final 5
> places from the Doubles, but not others.

Don't blame me
In 1899 John Carter published the figures of both Doubles and Triples in an
effort to try to establish exactly what he had in mind.
To my mind as well as to that of George Baker et al,  (allowing for
rotations) the above PN sums up Carter's principle with no ambiguity
Again, to my mind Carter was concentrating on the Triples knowing that it
was pealable because when N=5 you have a pure 60 of Doubles similar to the
bobbed block of Stedman Triples.
If a pure Triples principle is capable of being reduced to 5 bells it must
result in either Stedman or Reverse Stedman or Carters or Reverse Carters.
To takeCarter's Principle as rung on Triples, reduce it to 5 and then try to
extend it back to 7 on some arbitrary rule of thuimb that may or not wotk
for treble dominated methods seems to me to be an insult to the original
composer.and what he very clearly had in mind


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