[r-t] 5250 Plain Bob 8

Richard Grimmett richard at grimmett.org
Fri Nov 19 11:42:35 UTC 2004

St Martin's Guild celebrates its 250th anniversary next year.

I am calling a peal of PB8 in January.  Someone's first peal.  We'd like
to make it a 5250.

The first pealer is having a practice quarter this Sunday, and I'd like
to get him used to the funny start or finish.

I was thinking of callinbg 5248 PB followed by two changes of, say,
cambridge.  However I think this will not float past the CC police (and
the first pealer may care about this), as I think there has tobe at
least a half lead of each method?

I don't particularly want to finish with a full lead + 2 changes of
cambridge at the end as he may fire it out!  Can I start with a lead and
2 changes, then move into pb at the treble snap?


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