[r-t] 5250 Plain Bob 8

Graham John graham at changeringing.co.uk
Sat Nov 20 11:57:03 UTC 2004

MBD wrote:

> To me, the advantage of the spliced-in Cambridge would be that whole
> leads of the methods are rung, apart from the acceptable snap finish,
> not that it reduces the number of types of call.

There is alternative way of describing it which does involve full leads,
namely as a lead of Original with a 3-4 Single. Then you have no funny
starts and no funny finishes and no more than two types of call per method.

  12345678 Original
S 12435678 Plain Bob
Contains 5248 Plain Bob; 2 Original.

Personally, I still prefer the variable hunt description though.

Clarrie wrote:

> Consequently I think I will go for one lead of surprise close to
> the beginning, and two changes at the end.

Presumably your ringer can manage Surprise then. In that case, why not start
with a full course of Surprise to make it atw. 


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