[r-t] Non-distinct fragments

Andrew Tibbetts ajwxyzt at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 22 19:32:41 UTC 2004

>Hmm, I'm not sure the Vicky St band is the first to have rung by over and
>under grids Andrew!

I never said we did, Marky! I rang the system with Bernard, and took S1-16, 
'the Taylor notation', from him, so I have first hand experience of another 
band ringing it. Muppet.

>How do you actually call these peals then Andrew? Is it just a matter of
>announcing the above-work for a block, then calling the under-works?

If by 'block' you mean one lead between 2 half-leads, then yes. But only in 
the half-lead / lead-head spliced stuff. We use names for peals drawn from 
the 147. Mostly...


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