[r-t] Some poor observations from Marky D

Andrew Tibbetts ajwxyzt at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 22 20:22:39 UTC 2004

>Hmm. I quote: "but we're enjoying being the only ones in the pool, so
>don't." So what were you on about??

'we', as in the people in the pool, not 'we' as in xyz, CCT, JWS, DJ, DJP, 
and now JEB...

>Eh? b-group Surprise Max is quite a narrow field compared to
>TD12-in-general, Mr Tibbetts!

b-group wasn't the sticking point and you know it Marky :)

i'll see you in northallerton, if you've managed to get yourself out of that 
hole by then...



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