[r-t] Some poor observations from Marky D

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Mon Nov 22 20:37:05 UTC 2004

> 'we', as in the people in the pool, not 'we' as in xyz, CCT, JWS,
> DJ, DJP,  and now JEB...

Ah. An easy mistake to make Mr xyz... My apologies for hideously
misrepresenting you.

> b-group wasn't the sticking point and you know it Marky :)

Right, let's see, history of composition for b-group TD Maximus methods... I
wonder how much part Ketteringham Delight has played in that... :-D

> i'll see you in northallerton, if you've managed to get yourself out of
> that hole by then...

You will indeed, because, due to my habit of digging holes, I am past master
at escaping!

I do take your point Andrew, TD is not just about Surprise. In fact though,
it isn't your point. When I was about your age, or a bit younger (i.e.
before you were born :-) I was arguing the same case quite strongly. Who
called the first peal of Little Delight Maximus I wonder?

Doesn't change the sad fact that no b-group TB12 have yet been rung, and of
the b-group Delight I doubt many have been rung twice.


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