[r-t] Extensions

Philip Saddleton pabs at cantab.net
Mon Oct 25 17:49:11 UTC 2004

John Warboys <john.warboys at lineone.net> wrote at 19:01:20 on Wed, 22 Sep 
>My wife says she will raise this at the next MC in October.

She did. The Chairman has had other queries on this subject, and 

Tony Smith <methods at clara.co.uk> wrote at 19:41:21 on Sun, 17 Oct 2004
>I have started work on a program to implement the revised CC Decision 
>on Method Extension (Decision (G)) and, as a prerequisite, the CC 
>Decision on Methods and Calls (Decision (E)). I am sure you appreciate 
>that developing such a program is non-trivial and I do not yet know how 
>long it will take. Note that at present this is a private, and not a 
>Methods Committee, activity. There are several reasons for writing the 
>program but it is principally to enable me to answer enquiries about 
>method extension. However it will also provide a test bed for 
>investigating whether such a program could safely be made available 
>more widely or whether the output would still need to be explained.
>If methods-related computer programs were to be published by the CC 
>they would certainly fall within the Methods Committee remit. In the 
>past the Methods Committee has left publication of such programs to the 
>commercial (non-CC) sector and concentrating on the publication of 
>definitive method collections. However with the development of an XML 
>format for method exchange and the growth of web services this may well 
>change in the future. The Methods Committee intends to remain at the 
>forefront of CC committees in the use of computer technology to deliver 


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