[r-t] Spliced Treble Bob Minor Data Tables

Michael Foulds foulds at reaystreet.freeserve.co.uk
Wed Oct 13 10:09:48 UTC 2004

Richard Smith:-

> One example is Woodbine Delight and St Matthias Delight
(6-lead cluster 2515 in Table 10).  These are actually a
two-lead splice, but they do not appear to be listed in
Table 11

Thanks for pointing out the omissions here, Richard.  Just as I thought,
I've screwed up!  The statement in the preamble that tables 11 onwards might
be incomplete is purely fortuitous in this case.  The omissions are
accidental, not editorial policy.  Should the book ever be reprinted I may
well take the opportunity to sort out this and other (almost inevitable)
One such is that TDMM 541, whilst on my original database, appears to have
slipped out of the playground unnoticed before assembly, and does not appear
in the tables at all.  Thanks also for your kind remarks.

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