[r-t] Singles in treble-dodging minor

Glenn Taylor gaataylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Sep 20 20:21:11 UTC 2004

> A few weeks ago, someone (probably Phil) asked me about
> extents of treble dodging minor using singles -- do any
> exist? 

720 Bacup S Minor

23456  V  IV  B
45236  s   s
34256  s   s  -
3 part.  s=1236

This works because all half-leads with a bell fixed in 5ths place are ONLY false with other half-leads of the opposite nature with the same bell in 5ths place and thus you can move them all to the other side of the single.

Is this a "new" 720, then? I worked it out about 15 years ago and presumed that it was a well-known property of Bacup S.

Glenn Taylor

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