[r-t] Singles in treble-dodging minor

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Mon Sep 20 23:24:11 UTC 2004

Glenn Taylor wrote:

> 720 Bacup S Minor
> 23456  V  IV  B
> ---------------
> 45236  s   s
> 34256  s   s  -
> ---------------
> 3 part.  s=1236


> Is this a "new" 720, then? I worked it out about 15 years
> ago and presumed that it was a well-known property of
> Bacup S.

I'm not necessarily claiming any of these ideas are new --
merely that I've not seen them writen down before.  To be
honest, when I (re)discovered that particular composition of
Bacup, I was rather surprised that I hadn't seen it
elsewhere.  It's good to see that others have found this

I think that unfortunately, people often produce
compositions such as this but don't bother to publish them
as they only have "novelty" value.  (For all I know, you
have published this one, in which case it's a shame I'd not
noticed it.)  Hopefully having a list such as this will
encourage people to post such discoveries.


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