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Robin Hall halls at twiddlepin.org.uk
Mon Sep 27 09:51:58 UTC 2004

London was of course the method that prompted this, and many thanks to AJWT for his insightful observation about Plain Bob!

Clearly it's impossible to achieve with the 2nd as pivot bell, but why are there no examples of methods with the 3rd as pivot (b or g group), or the 4th (e or k)? It's not immediately obvious why this should be the case. Anyone?

The surprisingly low (surprising to me anyway) number of rung Surprise Major methods with the property is 59. Not many household names in the list:-

Ambleside (d), Barbuda (j), Barkingside (a), Beaumanor (d), Belgrave (a), Bimini (j), Boreham (d), Bray (d), Brightwell (a), Chelmsford (j), Commonwealth (j), Crediton (a), Crookes (j), Darmstadtium (2z), Dido (a), Eleuthera (j), Erbium (d), Filton (a), Frogmore (a), Gainford (a), Guadeloupe (d), Hinton (a), Humberstone (d), Ixworth (a), Jevington (j), Newdurham (a), Number110 (d), Oatlandspark (j), Osgathorpe (a), Phosphorus (d), Providencia (j), Pullet (f), Queenborough (j), Quimper (d), Quixhill (l), Radon (j), Rhodium (j), Rhondda (j), Standrews (a), Stirtloe (h), Stmargarets (j), Stonepit (l), Tantum (a), Taplow (j), Tin (j), Todmorden (j), Turfmoor (c), Ugborough (d), Unnilseptium (f), Vatersay (a), Venicones (a), Vieuxfort (j), Virgo (d), Xenon (d), Yanworth (f), York (a), Zennor (a), Zinc (j), Zyyi (j)

Surprise Royal: 17

Askernish (a), Ayresend (a), Belgrave (a), Bishopsstortford (a), Courtleigh (a), Cowesby (a), Daneocoys (a), Guyhirn (a), Leicester (a), Newdurham (a), Osgathorpe (a), Stockwood (k1), Thorley (a), Vaudey (a), Wallington (f), Yatesbury (f), York (a)

Surprise Maximus: 5

Belgrave (a), Framland (a), Kingland (k1), Newdurham (a), York (a)


Robin, Dorothy and Matthew Hall


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