[r-t] What's the meaning of a method havingaparticularfalsecoursehead

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Thu Apr 28 09:14:37 UTC 2005

Philip Earis wrote:

> I think some perspective is needed...how many of the rung treble-dodging
> major methods are actually false in the plain course?

That's a difficult question to answer, as a method that is
false in the plain course is, in the CC's eyes, not a
method, and so won't be in their methods collections.

is a valid
method BUT -3-4-256-36.4-;2 FCH ABd - a T.V. -
is not.

> Perhaps Richard Smith can trawl through his database

I could, but the answer would be none.  The criteria for
methods in my database are the "standard" criteria listed on
PABS' website:

  * Treble single dodging up to 8ths
  * Symmetrical methods with Plain Bob lead heads
  * No more than two places made consecutively
  * No more than four places made at once
  * 7ths place not made except at half-lead
  * True in Plain course

I'll see whether I can come up with a plausible figure...

> (and while he's
> doing it, I'm still interested in the number of rung asymmetric-section
> methods)...

Oh yeah.  I'd forgotten that.

As of a few weeks ago, there were 5,573 named symmetrical
treble-dodging major methods with the treble single dodging
up to eighths.  Of these 2,520 have no asymmetrical
sections, 1,936 have one, 857, two, 218, three, and just 42
have all four sections asymmetrical.

These 42 methods are: Blue Nile TB, Noxious TB, Araucaria D,
Habergham Eaves D, Great Western D, Freezywater D, Didymous
D, Bendigo S, Old Spring S, Hijar S, Gruz S, Garza S, Linz
S, Kwoka S, Khiva S, Nebard S, West Croydon S, Narrandera S,
Netherlands S, Jug and Firkin S, Brightwell S, Thornsett S,
Wollaton S, Juventud S, Rochdale S, Bathanceaster S, Ranmore
S, Buffy the Vampire Slayer S, Jesus College S, Gunnerside
S, Kosti S, Golmo S, Azzan S, Viver S, Hama S, Ohey S, Uch
S, Fuwa S, Naft S, Cebu S, Beri S and Ako S.


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