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But they should be called bob methods under the old scheme of things
because they have seconds made at the lead end (or 7ths at the half lead
for the reverse methods) which falls within the definition of a bob
method (Places made when the hunt bell leads or lies, places being made
adjacent to the hunt's leading or lying blows.)  This appears to be the
definition given in all the older references. However, the current
definitions ((E) Methods & Calls , B.2 defines  

(a) Place methods are Plain methods in which the path of each bell
consists only of hunting and place-making.

(b) Bob methods are all other Plain methods.

Under which these methods would be place methods (as they appear). There
is also no more mention of court, college, imperial (and by the way
where did "pleasure" come from, I've never seen that defined).
Personally I'm not sure that the distinctin between a place method and
the others is particularly useful (other than to warn you that it is
likely to have a rather dull blue line) why not just call all plain
methods "bob" if you are going to get rid of the other distinctions?



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	>Peter King wrote:  "The conventin now seems to be that the
suffix bob indicates that it is a plain method and the other
>subdivisions aren't very helpful."
	Unfortunately "bob" does not exclusively mean a plain method,
for example:
	Single Cumberland Place, first rung 1802,,2
	its reverse: Dore Place, first rung 1996, -,1
	its double: Double Cumberland Place, first rung 1997,,2
	Single Arlecdon Place, first rung 1978, 345678.1-1-1-1,2, and
presumably its unrung reverse and double
	The case with all these is that there is no dodge in the plain
course which is presumably why they are "place" methods not "bob"
	Richard Knights

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