[r-t] RE: (was) Method Review

Ben Constant bd_constant at btinternet.com
Fri Feb 18 13:13:13 UTC 2005

> A very subjective subject but...
> At the end of the day, CRU's are just not musical.
> Can someone explain to me why the vast majority of Surprise Major
> and composers think that rows like XXXX4578 are musical?
> I've been thinking about this for a while and I might actually take
pen to 
> paper and write an article about musical rows.
> There are main types of musical row
> The Round type - (4 runs and above)
> Queens type - ( Melodic and harmonic changes )
> and the Tittums type - (coursing music)
> There are also rows which do not fall into any of those catagories
well - e.g 6578.

There are a few specific CRUs which are worth having; the six changes
ending 65478 usually raise a smile.


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