[r-t] RE: Method Review

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Fri Feb 18 23:22:54 UTC 2005

All you monkeys talking about flow - blimey, plain bob is a fantastic 
method.  Ditto double bob, or double norwich. Music = runs = coursing music 
= flow. Why are there vastly more peals of Cambridge royal then plain bob 
royal?  There's an order of magnitude difference in the musical potential. 
Why hasn't there been a peal of double bob royal in decades?  People are 
inherently conservative, and happy to ring crap because they think it's the 
done thing.

I fully agree with this point, and take issue with Philip over Glasgow. Just 
take the example of Norwich S Major. Two bobs on any musical set of four 
bells at the back, and you have all 24 possible combinations. But how 
predictable and boring is this, having all the music in one go. Glasgow, on 
the other hand, has not only a very distinctive line to concentrate on, but 
also brings up the music in an interesting and unusal way. It is therefore 
much more satisfying and enjoyable to ring."

Norwich is a vastly superior method to Glasgow. Glasgow has an OK-ish 
overwork but is pretty mediocre under the treble - 3.6-6.3 around the 
half-lead? Nicely avoids regular half-leadheads/ends. Something with Glasgow 
over like Lazyboy Camp (36-56.14.58-58.36.12-14.58.14-14.78) seems a lot 

"I'm also quite a fan of Whalley"

Again, good overwork, crap underwork.  What you need is Lancashire 
(58-58.14-58-36-14-58.14-14.78) - you take a good overwork, make the method 
double, and bingo bongo you have a decent underwork as well. Magic or what?

"You'll be saying next that peals don't count unless they have over 5% 
musical rows (defined by you obviously)!! Did you used to write the X-file 
or something?"

Blimey Alex - didn't the original writer of the X-file outsource it to 
Reading when he ran out of inspiration?! I stick to minor where you've got 
100% musical rows.  Blimey, this list is meant for innovation and I'm 
getting horribly off-topic, but if you made a list of the all-time best 
11-bell rows then how many of them would come up in a typical peal of 
Stedman cinques?  About six, I reckon.  Why on earth do people not ring 
Erin?  Musical off the front, coursing music for more than a quarter of the 
course.  Blimey, I ask you.

"Try them on your piano - it sounds nice!"

Something like ....4567 might not sound good on a piano but is very 
effective at the end of a row though.  Runs are music.

"flow is important too, and you can't beat London for that (especially No. 3 

Hmm.  Plain bob royal is much much better than London (and has more 'flow'). 
Bristol is much better.  Hell, even London-over methods like Triton are a 
hell of a lot better.

"There's nothing quite as magical as changing from right-place (e.g. 
Yorkshire) to London at the course-end"

We all get our kicks from different places. 

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