[r-t] RE: Method Review

Graham John graham at changeringing.co.uk
Fri Feb 18 22:01:21 UTC 2005

Clarrie wrote:

> So what is 'flow'?  It's the succession of changes.  Don't think
> of one change in its own right - its how it comes up that's
> important too.  I have never seriously tried to define what I
> mean by flow in this context, but I am very seriously convinced
> that it is a crucial ingredient to a method.

I fully agree with this point, and take issue with Philip over Glasgow. Just
take the example of Norwich S Major. Two bobs on any musical set of four
bells at the back, and you have all 24 possible combinations. But how
predictable and boring is this, having all the music in one go. Glasgow, on
the other hand, has not only a very distinctive line to concentrate on, but
also brings up the music in an interesting and unusal way. It is therefore
much more satisfying and enjoyable to ring.


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