[r-t] Re: Exercise Mathods

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Mon Jan 31 12:09:11 UTC 2005

Robin Woolley wrote:

> However, on eight bells, the latter category was divided into two - Delight
> and Exercise methods.
> As I don't have a copy of Willson's book, could someone please remind me of
> the difference between the two.

>From memory, an Exercise method was a Treble Dodging
method with exactly one cross-section without internal
places.  For example, Morning Exercise,

  &-34-18-12-38-14-58-16-78, 18.

In the same vane, did Imperial, College and Court ever have
formal definitions?  (Even an informal description of
Imperial would be interesting.  Looking through the list of
methods now called something Imperial Bob, I can't spot any


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