[r-t] Re: Exercise Mathods

James Hustler james.hustler2 at 1stquote.co.uk
Mon Jan 31 13:42:36 UTC 2005

I was going to suggest that the places in Malvern & Upton Imperial might 
be more apparant in the Caters methods which I believe were the original 
methods (the contractions to major came later and I believe Malvern is 
not yet rung!)

However on checking the CC collection I notice that Upton Imperial has 
disappeared - has it been renamed or is it an omission ?

>>Imperial is "another obsolete classification for a method in which imperial
>>places are made" (eg Kent or Reverse Canterbury).
> This doesn't seem consistent with the present-day methods
> called something Imperial Bob.  There are nine (non-Little)
> Plain major methods with Imperial in their names:
>   Sawston Imperial     &-4-,1
>   Queen Imperial       &-4-36-5.34.7,1
>   Upton Imperial       &-4-,1
>   Coslany Imperial     &-6-,1
>   Oxford Imperial      &-1-,2
>   Bisley Imperial      &-1.56.1-1.56.3,1
>   Malvern Imperial     &34.1-6-3.6.5,1
>   Llangollen Imperial  &34.1-36-1.56.3,1
>   Elmore Imperial      &,2
> Of these, Queen and Oxford have Kent or RC places; the rest
> do not.  And Upton, if you ignore the seconds, does not have
> any adjacent places at all!
> Richard

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